Lakhamshi Nappoo Merit Awards

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The Lakhamshi Nappoo Smarak Sadharan Fund (LNSSF) has given the onus to convene, recognize & distribute the merit awards (LNMA) to meritorious students, to Sheth Dhanji Devshi KVO Kelavani Fund’s (DDKF) Managing Committee.

Sheth Dhanji Devshi KVO Kelavani Fund is a 107-year-old educational fund involved in providing interest free educational loans, conduct career counselling, encourage entrepreneurship to young KVOs of our community amongst many other initiatives.

Every child is born with some inherent capabilities and talents. However, it takes a lot of effort and perseverance to develop those qualities that were not originally imbibed within us. Today, more than ever, there is a greater emphasis on the overall development of a student, which would enable him or her to not only be successful in their lives, but also to stand out in a crowd. Through LNMA we look to reward those students from our community, who have taken that extra step and put in that effort, to become better than the rest in today’s competitive world.


The Merit Awards were announced to identify these talented KVO students and evaluate their overall performance in academics, general knowledge, sports, social activities, extracurricular activities and recognize them for their milestones. That is why, the selection procedure is structured such that the participant’s all-round development is analyzed and relevant feedback is given.

By doing this activity, it also helps DDKF to convene workshops on soft skills like personality grooming, public speaking, improving English & industrial visits to nurture them in this process. Following this process, DDKF has conducted Leadership Training Programs for more than 90 students post the LNMA analysis.

2019 marks the sixth year of DDKF’s continuous endeavor to reward excellence through its process.


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