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The First 25 Years (1912 – 1936)

Lack of education in Kutch: In Kutch  100 years ago, agriculture and farming were the chief occupations and  very little importance was given to education. During this time the  Mahajans were busy arranging for other facilities whereas  education was given least priority.


Growth of Education in Mumbai: At the same time, importance of education in Mumbai was high. English medium schools like St. Xaviers, Alexandra Girls High School which were established and managed by the British became a reason for growth of education in Mumbai.


Steps taken by KVO Community towards education: Keeping in mind the importance of education, the members of our fund started with the activity of giving away “Loan- Scholarships”. The main intention was to create awareness and importance about education and to promote more & more such organizations to take up the activity of funding education.

Promoting secondary education in Mumbai: After setting our foot in primary education, our fund members used their farsightedness and promoted the foundation of Matunga boarding and Secondary education.  In addition to these direct education services, DDKF also provided financial support to students for many years to ensure they successfully graduate and are prepared for their professional success.

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