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Our Origins

You may light a hundred lamps from the main lamp, but the brightness of the main lamp never reduces.

Exactly 110 years ago, our community was trying to stabilize in Mumbai as majority of our population was living in Kutch. Those were days of farming and hardwork. It was an era of low education, child marriage and getting into work at a very young age.

7th January 1912 marked this momentous day for our community. It was a golden day when education was valued in our community - Socialist Velji  Lakhamshi Nappoo passed L.L.B. and Shri Ramji Ladha Parmar had passed B.A. For appreciating both the students a get-to-gather was arranged in Chinchpokli on that day.

The get-together did not end with felicitation, speeches and food, it became a memorable day because Shri Lakhamshi Nappoo announced a donation of Rs. 5000/-and made the achievement immortal as a token of appreciation for his son and motivation for others. The others present on that auspicious day also donated amounts of Rs. 500/- and less and showed appreciation. That day a total of Rs. 13,472.50 (valuation according to gold rate in 2013 - the equivalent of Rs. 77 lacs) was collected and a fund was created for assisting students in the field of education. The fund was called “Shree Kutchi Visa Oswal Kelavani Fund”.

Since 110 years, a lamp is burning constantly

As a result, values and thought processes have improved, false beliefs have reduced, new thoughts have been accepted easily and our community is still growing successfully. Our ancestors were not educated themselves but understood the value of education very well. We respect our elders who used their far farsightedness to build a strong future for us.

Following are the 42 schools that have benefited from received funds:

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