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1. How do I know more about the program?
Register for free demo session planned on 1 st December at 8:00pm. Last date to register for Demo is 30 th November

Registration open for full program till 12th December. Fill out the form given below to
register. The last date to register is 10th December

2. What is the fees for the entire program?
The program fees is INR 3600 (inclusive of taxes) per participant.

3. What is the age limit of participation?
Participation age limit is 13 to 18 years.

4. What is the program all about?
The program has four fun & experiential sessions that help children think like entrepreneurs & build innovative venture ideas. This helps children develop Design Thinking skills, Problem-solving approach & gives them a platform to showcase their ideas on a community level.

5. How many sessions will the program have what will be their duration?
The program comprises of 4 sessions of 2 hours each with fun & engaging activities structured to nurture young innovative minds. 

6. How will the sessions be conducted online or offline?
All the sessions & activities will be conducted online.

7. Do children have to attend sessions during the week?
No. All sessions are scheduled over the weekends.

8. What is the boot camp? Is it a part of the 4 sessions?
The Young Entrepreneurs boot camp is a separate 3 Hour Program of expert mentoring sessions that is scheduled on 6th & 7th Jan 2024. It will help children to sharpen their ideas and build launch-ready ventures.

9. When will the finale happen?
Final Pitch-day is scheduled on 21st Jan 2024.

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