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LNMA Alumni

LNMA Alumni  (`LA’) is an initiative by our much valued LNMA Alumni.


Through LA we aim to bring together all 1000+ LNMA participants since 2014 and the future LNMA participants and volunteers of DDKF.


Our main objective at LA is to engage all these students from various fields and backgrounds in a close knit group and encourage interaction among them through a broad range of activities of academic, co-curricular and professional in nature endeavoring to cover all the stages in the life of a student i.e. from seeking admissions post SSC to entering their professional life.


At LA, we want to encourage interdependence and self sufficiency in our community through the talent pool of our LNMA Alumni.


We also believe that learning and growing is a two way process and we would like our LNMA Alumni to be a part of this process which is based on the principle of progressive development of the entire community via self development thus creating a strong foundation for the leaders and future of the community.


We thus invite all our LNMA Alumni to be a part of LA and help us continue the legacy and strive towards building a stronger and better connected community. 

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