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What is a MUN?

Model United Nations (MUN) conference is a simulation of the principal organs and agencies of the United Nations (UN). These simulations are a medium to educate participants about pressing international issues. Participants are required to role-play as delegates representing a member country or an international organization in the simulated committees of the UN. Having researched the position of their assigned country beforehand, the participants are expected to discuss and debate on the agenda topics during simulated committee sessions of the given UN body/agency, aiming to develop solutions in the form of resolutions and reports – the UN’s regular working documents.

Benefits of MUNing

MUN provides students with a platform to learn and understand the global trends on various international issues. MUN helps to build confidence and encourage leadership and diplomatic skills among the participants through its innovative and formal structure. It is an exercise that helps in developing research techniques, public speaking skills and teamwork abilities. These skills will help you throughout your career, and this experience will give you a chance to practice them while you’re a student. A perk of MUNing is that it increases your networking abilities and often recruiters also give additional weight-age to this activity on your C.V.

To summarize, MUNing helps to: 

• Be aware about world issues;

• Develop debating skills;

• Enhance public speaking skills;

• Encourage leadership skills and teamwork;

• Improve networks and social skills.

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Here is a video tutorial explaining the concepts in a MUN …

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