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Graduate Education Begins (1937 – 1960)

Droughts in Kutch: Due to frequent droughts in Kutch, people started moving to Mumbai for earning their livelihood.


Growth of Education in Mumbai: Importance of education was higher in Mumbai during that time, which led to an awareness about education in our community and thus the level of literacy starting increasing.


Steps taken by sons of our Founder: In 1945, sons of Sheth Dhanji Devshi made a handsome donation of Rs. 1,000/-towards the fund and since then our fund was renamed from “Kutchi Viswa Oswal Kelavani Fund” to “Sheth Dhanji Devshi Kutch Viswa Oswal Kelavani Fund”.


Assistance to schools in Kutch: For smooth and better functioning of schools in Kutch, our fund started assisting the schools financially. About 42 schools benefited from the generous donations (Graph 1)


Advent of Loan Scholarships and Merit Awards: 

With the increase in the number of students going to colleges for Graduate education, the need of loan scholarships also grew (Graph 2). To promote education up to Graduation, educational awards were stated in 1947 for students gaining high marks in exams of class 10 and 12.

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