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Post Graduates Go Abroad (1961 – 1985)

Going Abroad: Going abroad in this era was not easy - be it for tourism or education. A successful attempt was made by students. This venture was strongly supported by the fund. A total of 124 students received financial assistance between 1958 - 1985 to pursue higher studies abroad.


Host Family Program: As more and more students settled abroad after their higher education, the "host family program" was started where the settled families helped incoming students to be more comfortable in their respective universities.

Setting the Example: As DDKF led the efforts for promoting higher education, other organizations like Matushri Manibhai Shivji Devji Kanya Kelavani Fund – Chinchpokli and Shri K.V.O. Seva Samaj – Chinchbunder also committed to focus on education.
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