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Q) Which locations will have the sessions?

A)Currently scheduled for 1 day in Matunga at Velbai Sabhagruha

Q) What is the age eligibility for this program?
A) Students from Grade 7 to 12 can participate in this program (We can have two groups Grade 7-9 Group and Grade 10- 12 Group)

Q) What will be the batch size of this program?
A) 30 -35 students per class

Q) How many trainers will be assigned to one class /batch?
A) Two trainers will be assigned per class/batch.

Q) Total duration of Training?
A) Total 1 day session of 8 hours

Q) When is the session?

A) 27th May 2023 9 am - 5 pm

Q)Is there a demo session?

A) Yes, on 5th May 2023 between 6-7 pm. Please register for the same.

Q) What is the cost for the program?

A) It is INR 1000 per student

Q) Is this program open to only for KVO community members or non-KVO members can
also register?
A) This program is open to both, KVO and non-KVO members

Q) What will students gain from this program?
A) a. Building openness to change & engagement in a complex world
b. Exposure to entrepreneurship process, attributes and entrepreneurial mindset
c. Process to evaluate opportunities and identifying what is best suited for oneself using
self-reflection techniques
d. Building desire & confidence in one’s own capacity and competency to be
e. Managing failures through grit & perseverance while learning from mistakes

f. Building collaborative skills for co-creating user-centric solutions
g. Building abilities to identify resources required to work on the opportunity and
managing them optimally
h. Understanding stakeholders, process of building value propositions and converting
user benefits into product/ service features
i. Building business and revenue models to create economic value
j. Learning powerful tools for communication of ideas, branding and pitches used by
start ups

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